Liza Fior  

Since 1996 muf has established a reputation for pioneering and innovative projects that address the social, spatial and economic infrastructures of the public realm. Their practice philosophy is driven by an ambition to realize the potential pleasures that exist at the intersection between the lived and the built. The creative process is underpinned by a capacity to establish effective client relationships that reveal and value the desires and experiences of varied constituencies. Access is understood not as a concession but as the gorgeous norm; creating spaces that have an equivalence of experience for all who navigate them both physically and conceptually, muf deliver quality and strategically durable projects that inspire a sense of ownership through occupation. They lecture and exhibit widely. Muf was awarded The 2008 European Prize for Urban Public Space and recently won with plannsinn/feld 72 an Urban Planning 1st Prize in Cologne.

muf are: Liza Fior, Katherine Clarke and Melanie Dodd